Faculty Team

  • Mohammad Reza Baneshi

Project Manager

Reza is associate professor of biostatistics at Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Biostatistics and epidemiology department. His main interests are survival analysis, analysis of incomplete data, estimating the size of key populations, and modeling of cancer data. He is also an expert in the use of R and SPSS software packages.
Reza has published almost 70 peer-reviewed journal articles of which 30 have been cited in PubMed. He was the project manager of Iranian size estimation study carried out in two phases in 2012 and 2014.

Email: rbaneshi@yahoo.com

  • Roya Safari-Faramani

Project Manager

MSc, PhD Candidate of Epidemiology
Department of Biostatistics & Epidemiology
School of Public Health
Kerman University of Medical Sciences
Kerman, Iran.

Email: r.safari@collegian.kmu.ac.ir

  • Ahmad Danesh

Project Manager

Ahmad is assistant professor of epidemiology at Golestan University of Medical Sciences. His main interest is controlling HIV infection and drug addition by the opioid maintenance treatment in prison settings. He has joined HIVHUB in 2012 and contributed to the implementation of two national projects; bio-behavioral surveillance survey among prisoners (2012) and PWIDs (2014). He is currently working on the documentation of harm reduction programs in prisons in Iran.

Email: addanesh@hivhub.ir
Email: addanesh@yahoo.com

  • Maryam Nasirian

Project Manager

Maryam is assistant professor of epidemiology at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. She has collaborated actively with HIVHUB since 2008 and has already been involved in several rounds of national HIV/AIDS modelling in Iran including modes of transmission (MOT), and Estimation and projection of HIV/AIDS. She has also published a bilingual book entitled “Modeling of new HIV infections based on exposure groups in Iran”. Maryam is currently working as a project manager on evaluation of syndromic management of genital ulcer, urethral discharge and vaginal discharge. She also collaborates with ministry of health in designing and implementing STI sentinel surveillance system in Iran.
Email: maryamnasirian@hivhub.ir
Email: maryamnasirian17@gmail.com

  • Soodabeh Navadeh

Research Manager

Soodabeh is a PhD candidate of epidemiology in Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Simultaneously she is working as a research specialist at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Soodabeh has been working in the field of HIV/AIDS since graduating from medical school in 2007. She continued her experiences by doing the MPH in infectious disease between 2008 and 2010.
Her work has focused on the behavioral surveillance of HIV and STI among hard to reach population, estimating the population size of PWID, MSM and FSW, infectious disease modelling and bias analysis in Iran and San Francisco, USA.
Furthermore, Soodabeh has also been one of the reviewers of the “Iranian Registry of Clinical Trials” which is a primary registry in the World Health Organization Registry Network.

Email: s.navadeh@hivhub.ir

  • Armita Shahesmaili

Project Manager

Armita is assistant professor of epidemiology at Kerman University of medical sciences with a background on medicine. Currently, she is working as a project manager in HIVHUB. Her primary focus is HIV surveillance and social network analysis of key groups. She has been involved in some national projects on Bio-behavioral surveillance among PWID, Prisoners, FSWs, youth and social network analysis of PWID and FSWs. She teaches academic courses related to sampling hard to reach population, HIV surveillance and network analysis to PhD and MSCs students.

Email: a.shahesmaeili@hivhub.ir
Email: a.shahesmaeili@gmail.com

  • Mostafa Shokouhi

Project Manager

Mostafa has studied a master course in epidemiology in Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Now, he is a PhD candidate in the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University, ON, Ca. His research has been focused in the areas of HIV/AIDS epidemiology and size estimation among key populations.
Mostafa has been working as a project manager in multiple national projects at HIVHUB. Recently he has been working as a research assistant in the current projects including national bio-behavioral surveys among female sex workers (FSWs), people who inject drugs (PWIDs), and Prisoners.

Email: Shokoohi@hivhub.ir
Email: Shokouhi.mostafa@gmail.com

  • Farzaneh Zolala

Project Manager

Farzaneh is assistant professor of epidemiology at Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Biostatistics and epidemiology department. She collaborates with HIVHUB as a research manager in national projects particularly the qualitative studies. Her main interests are gender-based studies and women health. She is able to use both quantitative and qualitative research methods and has co-authored in almost 50 published papers of which half are indexed in PubMed or ISI.

Email: zolalafarzaneh@gmail.com

  • Nooshin Fahimfar

Project Assistant

candidate of epidemiology in Tehran University of Medical sciences, Tehran, Iran. She has been working as a project manager in several national Bio-behavioral surveys among high risk populations and estimation/projection of HIV since 2009 in Iranian Ministry of Health. Nooshin has published over 15 articles in field of communicable and non-communicable diseases. Her expertise is on HIV surveillance, Bio-behavioral studies and estimation/projection of HIV.

Email: nfahimfar@gmail.com

  • Maryam Gooya

Project Assistant

Maryam is studying general psychology in Tehran Azad University. She has worked as a volunteer in centre for information dissemination for women and children of UNICEF in Iran, and Donya Institute for Research on Children. She has been involved as a project assistant in a number of Bio-Behavioral surveillance studies at HIVHUB.

Email: gouya.maryam@hivhub.ir
Email: gouya.maryam@gmail.com

  • Samira Hosseini Hooshyar

Project Assistant

Samira has joined HIVHUB with a DVM degree in 2013 and since then she has been working as a project assistant. Her responsibilities include HIV surveillance-related research and projects. She has been involved in a number of country-level projects including Knowledge, attitude and practice studies. She has also participated on the national consultancy for in-depth review of HIV/AIDS surveillance system in Iran which reviewed and analyzed the current surveillance system of national HIV/AIDS programs. Currently, she is a part of team working on the second round of Biological Behavioral Surveillance Survey among Female Sex Workers (FSWs) in Iran.

Email: S_hosseini@hivhub.ir
Email: s_hosseini2207@yahoo.com

  • Razieh Khajekazemi

Project Assistant

Razieh graduated with MSc in Biostatistics from Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 2010. Her main interests are epidemiology of communicable diseases including HIV/AIDS/STIs, systematic reviews, and meta-analysis. She works with Stata and R software. She has been working in HIVHUB as a research assistant in several bio-behavioral surveys among people who inject drugs (PWID), female sex workers (FSW) and prisoners since 2010. Razieh is currently a PhD candidate in research center for modeling in health at Kerman University of Medical Sciences.

Email: r.khajehkazemi@hivhub.ir
Email: r.khajehkazemi@gmail.com

  • Ali Ahmad Rafie Rad

Project Assistant

Ali Ahmad is PhD student of cultural sociology at Allameh Tabatabei University of Tehran. He is also an assistant researcher at Tehran Municipality center for Public Opinion Poll. He has collaborated as a social and cultural researcher in six research projects particularly in questionnaire design processes. He has also cooperated with HIVHUB in questionnaire designing for the project entitled “Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice with respect to HIV and Amphetamine-type Stimulants among adolescents aged 15-29 years”. Ali Ahmad has recently extended his study and profession to qualitative analysis and hopes to cooperate likewise in this field with HIVHUB too.

Email: a.ahmad.r.rad@hivhub.ir
Email: a.ahmad.r.rad@gmail.com