Journal Club

Every two-week, a faculty member, a researcher, or a PhD student presents a discussion of one or a few related articles currently published in research journals. The article should deal with research in HIV /AIDS surveillance, but more general topics in Biostatistics and epidemiology and modelling analysis are also welcome. Journal Club membership is open to all and to any interested researchers.

We hold a mailing list and email reminders about upcoming meetings, through which we circulate the paper prior to the meeting. If you would like to be added to the journal club Mailing List, additional information or request a pdf copy of the article please email [email protected]

Some presentations of interest, which have been held over recent year(s) are listed below:

  • Creating and validating an algorithm to measure AIDS mortality in the adult population using verbal autopsy
  • Verbal autopsy can consistently measure AIDS mortality: a validation study in Tanzania and Zimbabwe
  • Exposing misclassified HIV/AIDS deaths in South Africa
  • AIDS mortality surveillance
  • Estimation of mortality due to AIDS- a Review
  • Number of deaths among HIV-infected adults in France in 2000, three-source capture–recapture estimation
  • Important subject of Transgender
  • Writing an Effective International Grant
  • What are the essential components of HIV treatment and care services in low and middle-income countries: an overview by settings and levels of the health system?
  • Monitoring and evaluating HIV/AIDS care and support
  • HIV treatment and care in resource-constrained environments: challenges for the next decade
  • HIV/HCV co-infection: Lessons from Elite controllers
  • Response to the AIDS pandemic A global health model
  • Rapid HIV testing in large urban jails
  • When to begin highly active antiretroviral therapy? Evidence supporting initiation of therapy at CD4+ lymphocyte counts !350 cells/ml
  • Findings related to addiction on BSS studies
  • Research Experiences in HIV/AIDS